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Consultancy based Interim FM Management

Successful capital plans - and their effective execution - enable teams to reduce both risk and cost, provide facilities that are less expensive to operate, promote a better working environment and better serve the overall organizational business and financial goals. We focus on the key areas that get results for your company.

Maintenance and Preventive Solutions

Facilities Maintenance plays a critical role in keeping deferral costs down and preventing premature building failure. We develop an appropriate asset management and maintenance strategy. We assist you in executing the preventive maintenance plan and allocating the appropriate priority to each task.

Optimization, Cost Reduction and Control

Fortunately, optimization doesn't always mean cost cutting. Today it means: value creation. The adoption of firm-wide standards and processes, combined with strategic sourcing as well as the use of outsourcing vendors for non-strategic facilities services, is a key element in the pursuit of cost effectiveness and process optimization.

Uniquely Tailored, Customized FM Solutions

We offer full-service Facility Management Solutions for mid- to large-size organizations in the public and private sectors. That's what we do. But how we do it makes a world of difference to our clients. From the beginning we take an ''owner's perspective'' to every project we undertake. We keep our initial costs low, while keeping the overall cost in mind.

Innovative Solutions & Technology Trends

Linking the many digital elements of the workplace and automating essential tasks are an integrated part of Facility Management. Our range of technical expertise and early adoption of innovation sets us apart in the market and ensures we deliver value for money for our clients and positively contribute to the industry as a whole. 

Sourcing and Procurement 

For a procurement process to be successful, there needs to be careful planning before going to the market, including developing strategic objectives concerning what your business wishes to achieve and a clear description of the services to be procured. We have extensive experience helping companies resolve the most common challenges faced.

Reviewing Construction Plans
Business Meeting

How We Deliver The Best Results

Strategic Alignment of the FM function within the core business 

Facilities Management Procurement & Tendering

Mobilisation Management support services

Change Management

Cost reduction, cost recovery and cost control services

Development of operational budgets and cost plans

Flexible contract support services and interim consulting based facility management services

Workshops & Training

Tailored services such as development of KPI's and SLA's and FM benchmarking

Innovative solutions services

Facilities and Maintenance Management audits for compliance; business improvement and business transformation

Application of the latest FM standards e.g. ISO 41001 Facilities Management

Crisis Management

Workshops & Training

Quality-Value index (QVi) process application for business improvement and business transformation

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