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If only.. we had a solution to ...

If only.. we had an experienced facility manager..

If only.. we had a way to cut costs in technical maintenance..

If only.. we had someone to manage us through this crisis..

These are challenges many organizations face nowadays. Founder and Director Ivo Fransoo, founded the company to provide solutions to these challenges and many more behind the scenes. Having over 20 years of senior in-house and outsourced Facility/Property Management and Hotel Management experience within a corporate environment as well as project and consulting experience.

Clients benefit from this wide range of experience to help solve problems, improve services and reduce costs using best practices gained from experience as an industry professional. 

Managing people is something you either love or hate. No two people are the same and when you have multiple people from different walks of life reporting to you it can become very complicated very quickly. We find common ground. 

Ivo's world experience and having have seen and experienced cultures, languages, socio-economic differences from that of his own upbringing made him easily adaptable. This is why we can easily integrate in your company, because let's face it: every business is a people business. 

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